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How To Get Started With Veretekk

How To Get Started With Veretekk How To Get Started With Veretekk
The Veretekk Marketing System can be used to promote any home based
business, opportunity or anything you desire.  To get started, your first step is to
JOIN Veretekk at the free Silver level.  As a Silver member, you can attend most of
the online training for free to learn how to use the system.  Simply click on the "Join
Veretekk" link above to get started.  Click
Here to see the video introduction.

So, what is Veretekk and how does it work?  Simply put, Veretekk is a
comprehensive marketing system that has multiple capabilities, resources and
tools.  It contains built-in SEO (search engine optimization) tools to get your
websites pushed to the top of search engine results based on the keywords you
target.  It also gives you the ability to generate leads for your business and
automatically grows a spam-free database of email addresses for you to market to.

Step 1 - Configure Access To Your Veretekk Email Account

After you upgrade to the Gold level, you will want to configure your Veretekk email
account.  This is NOT the same as your Veretekk autoresponders - FYI.  The
easiest way to do this is by creating a
Google gmail account for your Veretekk
email access.  If you already have a gmail account, you can use that.

If you choose not to use gmail -
Click Here to see the training on how to set up
Outlook Express or the email client of your choice.

To continue setup in gmail, please log-in to your gmail account and click on
"Settings" near the top right hand corner of the page.  Now, click on "Accounts"
and under this section, click on the "Add An Email Account" under the "Get Mail
From Other Accounts" Area.  The username you want to enter is your Veretekk - so for example, if your Veretekk username is
MyUserName, you would enter: .  Then, enter the
password you use to log-in to your Veretekk account.  The POP server is going to
be: and set the Port at 110.  Do not check any of the boxes
below that.  Make sure you save these settings and at this point, your new
Veretekk email will be set up.

Gmail is ideal for Veretekk email access because gmail is configured to
automatically check your Veretekk email account several times a day.  This keeps
your Veretekk inbox clear and prevents it from clogging up.  From this point
forward, check your gmail account for your Veretekk email.

Step 2 - Begin Configuring Your Portals - Click Here To See How

Veretekk gives you several dozen portals (websites) that you can independently
configure.  The strategy here is to decide how you want each portal to promote
and generate leads for your primary business or businesses.  The goal is to
configure each portal (website) with its own unique Title, Description and
Keywords.  Each portal is an independent website that is capable of drawing free
Internet traffic to it.  
Click Here to learn more about Portal Marketing.  Take a look
at some of my portals that I have custom configured:

  • Blastomatic - This portal gives away a free ad blaster service that blasts a
    classified ad to hundreds of thousands of free sites all across the Internet.  
    The draw here is people looking for a free way to promote their business, so
    the type of traffic this portal draws is people trying to make money online,
    which is exactly the market you want to attract.  When they sign up for
    Blastomatic and use the service, your autoresponders can then begin
    marketing your business opportunity to them.

  • BlogFather - This is a blog site that provides free promotion of all created
    blogs.  The service is free and attracts Internet traffic from people who are
    trying to promote an opportunity.  Again, this is the market you are trying to

  • Daily Message Online - This portal allows people to sign up for a free
    inspirational daily email and attracts a broader audience than some of the
    other portals.  Portals like this allow you to widen your market and appeal to
    a larger group of people.

  • VereTracking - This is a free website traffic tracking program and allows
    people to sign up for the service and then use it to track and evaluate traffic
    to their own websites.

You will configure all of your portals so that each one is an independent website
with it's own Meta Title, Meta Description and Meta Keywords.  Also, be sure to
configure the 5 links in each portal.  I adhere to the following structure for these
links:  The first link is your primary business and the second link is the next portal
in your backoffice of Veretekk.  Even if you do not adhere to the linking rules
relayed here for your other links, it is important that your second link always be the
next portal in your Veretekk backoffice so that all your portals are "daisy-chained"
together.  This is important because when search engines "spider" your portal
websites, they follow every link on the page.  If all of your sites are "daisy-chained"
together, then all of your Veretekk portals will be "seen" by the search engines.

The third link is your secondary business while the fourth link is one of your profit
portals in Veretekk like Leadsomatic or VereConference and the fifth link is
another business or link you are trying to promote.  Each link should be a primary
keyword.  Take a look at the 5 links in the portals I list above as an example.  Each
link is a keyword and if you click on that keyword, it will link to the site I am
Click Here for training on "The Drill" to promote your portals.

HERE to see the Training related to understanding how keywords work and
the importance of doing it right for your marketing efforts.

Step 3 - Submit Each Portal Using Several Submission Tools

After you custom configure each portal, it is vitally important that you submit each
portal using a few different free tools:

  • - This is an independent third party free submission tool
    that submits your websites to over 40 different search engines including
    Google, Yahoo, MSN and a few key directories.  You will need to manually
    submit to Yahoo and MSN on the confirmation page, so be sure to carefully
    read through the submission page after you submit for directions on how to
    do that.  Use the Veretekk email address for each portal when you submit
    each portal site because you want to get your multiple Veretekk email
    addresses out there and attracting email.  Veretekk captures the email
    address of every incoming email and then begins sending them your custom
    autoresponder emails!

Why submit your portal websites?  The answer is simple, if you want free traffic to
your portals or any website you are marketing, you must submit them to the search
engines for inclusion.  Also, the more minor search engines your website is visible
in, the more likely it is to be included in the major search engines.  The results are
not immediate and take time to be included and ranked - be patient - sometimes it
takes months to develop a website portal before it begins generating free Internet

Step 4 - Submit Your Website Portals To Multiple Directories

This is an important step because search engines give websites ranking points if
they "see" the sites in directories.  In other words, if you want high ranking in
search engine results, you need visibility in many different directories.  The best
known Directory of course is and it is also the hardest directory to be
included in.  However, there are thousands of directories, so do not fear!  
Following is a list of directories and a paid submission services I use:

  • Directory Maximizer - This is a paid submission service that can submit your
    website portals to over 1,000 directories with one click.  It is user friendly,
    effective and turnkey.  I use it often and it is well worth the money because
    of the time it saves you.  This Free e-Book explains how to use it.

  • List of Free Directories - A listing of several hundred free individual
    directories you can submit to one at a time.  While it is free, it is time
    consuming to manually submit to each directory.

Step 5 - Write Your Custom Auto-Responder Campaigns - See How HERE

Also known as the "Sequential Mail Sets", this is the heart of your Veretekk
marketing system.  You can set up custom autoresponder campaigns to market
your businesses or anything you want.  More training
HERE and HERE on this.

More Training

It is a very good idea to watch all of the Training Modules in your Veretekk
backoffice.  To do this, login to your Veretekk backoffice and click on the
"VereTraining" link in the top right hand corner of the page.  Then, click on the
"Training Modules" link in the left-hand column.  Notice that a list of several video
training modules are available for viewing at your convenience.

So How Does All Of This Work?

Veretekk attracts web traffic and generates leads in two primary ways:

  • Your website portals that provide valuable services and attract traffic.

  • You want all of your Veretekk email addresses to be on as many email lists
    as possible to generate the maximum amount of incoming email to your
    Veretekk email accounts.  This is called reverse marketing because
    Veretekk captures the email address of the sender and then begins sending
    them your custom autoresponder campaigns!

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