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The Platinum Control Panel is the best tool to get your website into the top search rankings of Google. The type of business that you own or promote makes no difference in the outcome of using this powerful search engine optimization system. It is not enough for a business owner or Internet marketer to rely on a single website to promote a business, product or service. This powerful Veretekk system provides all of the tools to help expand your business quickly.

When compared with traditional marketing, finding customers or clients looking for the products or services you are selling takes too much time and effort for the chance to see any results. By putting the power of the control panel to work, your business can market products or services online faster and easier. While other marketing systems wait to see results, the Veretekk system gets results.

The control panel is an upgrade for Gold members, but it is where the marketing will kick into high gear for your business. The control panel provides you with the following features:

Best SEO Tools

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Search Engine Optimization
Put the power of the control panel to work for you. Why hire expensive SEO companies to market your business if they do not understand your business like you do? You can easily create your Internet presence by using the powerful SEO tools that are included in the control panel. You become in control of your complete search engine optimization campaign using the power of the control panel.

Lead Capturing
Your business benefits from a source of fresh leads of interested consumers that are ready to learn more about your business or instantly purchase your products or services. The integrated web portals and lead capturing tools of the control panel can help generate a consistent source of quality leads for your business. There is no need to purchase expensive leads from companies that cannot verify the information. With the control panel, you control the leads and the follow up to the leads to generate profit for your business.

Multi Blogging Software
Creating a series of blogs is easy using the control panel. There is no one that knows your business like you do. You can write your own content and instantly promote it to the world with the click of a button. The control panel multi blogging software provides instant distribution of your written content to multiple blogging sites. The back linking tool in the control panel allows you to link your blogs with other blogs to generate more incoming traffic to your blogs. This increases your Google ranking.

Control Multiple Gold Member Systems
The control panel is designed to control multiple Gold member systems to expand your Internet marketing abilities and create a downline network to improve your marketing success. You not only promote your business, but the businesses in your network to bring success to everyone. If you want to get into the top search results of Google, you need the power of the Veretekk system.

Why You Need The Platinum Control Panel
The Platinum Control Panel provides your business with a complete Internet marketing solution. The tools like keyword researching and control, lead exporting, back linking tool, and email marketing allow you to take control of your business marketing and provide consistent success. The control panel is your complete SEO marketing solution.

Your upgrade is a single payment of $2000 for the life of the control panel system.

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