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Wrecking Ball SMS Monthly - What Are The Features?

Wrecking Ball SMS - Text Message Marketing
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Wrecking Ball SMS has created an Enterprise Class text messaging system that is second to none.
  Compare us to the competition and you will see you get more for less!  Below are just a few child easy features you will just love that will keep your customers coming back for more!

 SMS Campaign Creator
  • Create Custom SMS Campaigns on the fly that pull customers into the sales funnel.
  •  Run keyword campaigns, contents even polls.  
  • Every campaign allows you to send automated test messages for subscribers, resubscribers and opt outs.  
  • WBSMS can also post sms results to a 3rd party script to trigger an event whether it be disarming your businesses alarm to notifying a sales CRM of a new lead.
  • WBSMS is on the cutting edge of new regulations coming in the future.  We are the ONLY SMS Gateway that has Double Optin capability
  • Set automatic expiration of text offers and coupons
  • Automatic auto responder that follows up on a schedule you set, send weekly or daily coupons with one click
  • Slit test two SMS campaigns at once, see what pulls customers to your business
  • More features added dynamically to your system...and its FREE!
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 SMS Lead Notifyer
  • Create Campaigns for individual product sales leads, MLS Numbers, Car Stock Numbers, or any other product
  • Set campaigns to email SMS leads to any sales persons email.
  • Text SMS leads via text message to any phone
  • Robovoice notification of new leads, set to any phone number, our system will call the sales person.
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 SMS Contest System
  • Create Unlimited Contest Campaigns
  • Choose winners from campaign lists and send the winner a text message
  • Create winner messages and loser messages
  • Set system to make every 10th SMS a winner or every 100th SMS a winner, its up to you!
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 SMS Poll System
  • Create Unlimited Polling Campaigns, great for interactive engagements.  Run general polls and trivia.
  • Create custom thank you SMS messages for those that voted
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 SMS Calendar Scheduler
  • Always see what campaigns have gone out or are coming in the future with our dynamic visual calendar.  Edit campaigns from within the calendar.
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 SMS/Voice Instant Sender
  • Send SMS's on the fly when you need to send them.  Have an unexpected emergency or event promo, this little gadget will prove itself time and time again.
  • Send premade MP3 notification messages to your optin list
  • Send RoboVoice notification messages to your optin list
  • Great feature to use if you want to fill your establishment in the next 15 minutes!
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 Complete SMS List Tracking
  • See your customers you opted in and opted out per campaign.
  • Import and Export lists in seconds
  • Complete search feature with intuitive filters
  • Add numbers manually and assign names and sms numbers
  • Complete integrated backup system
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 Complete SMS Reporting
  • See your customers you opted in and opted out per campaign.
  • See all incoming and outgoing SMS's LIVE!
  • Build reports from one date to another
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 Complete Call Reporting
  • See your customers that called your SMS number and listened to your MP3 message or RoboVoice
  • See all incoming and outgoing calls LIVE!
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 Built in Telephony System
 Built in Web form Creator
 Built in SMS Usage Tracker
  • Always see how many sms credits you have and how many you have left
  • Add sms credits on the fly at an industry lowest 2 cents per message USA and Canada, 5 cents per message UK!
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 Add Additional Local Numbers and 800 numbers
  • Add additional local and 800 sms phone numbers at anytime.  Only $5 per number per month.  One local number included FREE
  • We use local phone number exchanges that make your customers feel at home when they get a text
  • No stigma attached like with SMS Short codes which are becoming synonymous with SMS SPAM
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 SMS Text Wall
  • Great for social groups, church groups, sales teams, etc..
  • Works like Skype but with a text message
  • "wall" can be dropped onto any site and you can chat from there too!
  •  Group members can be paid or free, you can configure how you like
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 SMS Viral Texting NEW!
  • Allows someone to share a deal with their friends
  • Shares are tracked and a bonus can be given when enough shares have come in
  • The ultimate SMS list builder, patent pending technology
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 SMS Customer Loyalty
  • Simulates a traditional punch card system 'every 5th car wash is free'
  • Customer texts in a unique code every visit to 'report in'
  • Keeps them coming back-and buying
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 3rd Party Integration
  • Unique posting system allows for custom 3rd party scripts
  • Text 2 Screen, trivia high score displays, custom traking, area code recognition, etc.....
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