Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Methods for Recycling 3 Ring Binders
Methods for Recycling 3 Ring Binders
#1 - Give away - Training centers, pre-schools, and private daycare's are almost always looking for used 3 ring binders for hobby designs. Many will give documents for a tax write-off on top of that.

#2 - Arts & Crafts - In case you are into arts & crafts, you won't have adequate binders as they can be used to store templates, patterns, or might be the focus of a hobby project.

#3 - Photo storage - Most photograph albums are pretty expensive and will fill up quickly if you happen to take a lot of pictures. Used binders make great, inexpensive picture albums for special occasions, family pets, or a specific time period. As an example, my wife has a used binder scrapbook of all the pets we've ever owned, organized by each pet.

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